title. palms community branding

date. 2015




Deliverable Objective

The community of Palms was looking for a branding refresh and this project shows all the elements that went into researching and developing a new branding concept.


Located roughly halfway between Downtown L.A. and Santa Monica, Palms (known until 1920 as "The Palms") was established in 1886 as the first suburb of the City of Los Angeles. According to the Traveler’s Handbook to Southern California from 1904, “The Palms” was “named from the number of large palms which dot the region for quite a distance” in the area. At that time, it was mostly a farming and vacation community. Today, Palms is home to over 30,000 people and one of the most diverse populations in the Southland. It is primarily a residential area, with a large number of apartment buildings and ribbons of commercial zoning.

Target Demographic

Almost half of Palms residents (45.9%) have a four-year degree, which is high compared to the city as a whole. The percentage of residents aged 19 to 34 (42.5%) is the fourth highest in LA. So the demographic is fairly young professionals with some young budding families. Businesses that thrive in this neighborhood are typically hipster and health conscious like Phorage, or C&M Cafe. The community is also the seventh most diverse in the city. With major ethnicities being White (38.3%), Asian (20.4%) and Black (12.2%). Palms residents more than likely commute to other West LA locations (perhaps even further) for work unless they work at Sony which is right down the street.

Palms Neighborhood Council Logo, 2012

Painted Electric Box in Palms, 2013

Palms Street Banner, 2011

The Palms Los Angeles Railroad Sign,1886​

There wasn't much branding out there for the small community of Palms in LA. The most relevant logotype I found was from the Palms Neighborhood Council Website. The visuals of the community are mostly apartment buildings sprinkled with small shopping centers. The electric boxes around the area are all handpainted to say "PALMS" accompanied with charming pictures or designs. The community's vibe is quite friendly, there are always people out walking their dogs, going on runs, etc., there are even little free library boxes on some streets where people can borrow books. I think the biggest challenge was appealing to the millennial population without disregarding the rest of the population. I also wanted to make sure to keep the style hip while still remaining timeless. I really like the look of the old The Palms train station sign (seen above) and would potentially like to pay homage to it. I also like the feel of the street banner and appreciate the retro vibe it gives off. Without a doube, I wanted to avoid using a palm tree, because it seems too obvious and blunt. 

Design Approach


CLASSIC – simple serif,  retro neon shapes


COMMUNITY – casual/warm rounded, potential cultural influences (Latino), tight kerning


FRIENDLY – hand written/scripted, rounded shapes


HIP – bordered (circled or an interesting shape), non-linear


YOUNG – sans-serif, playful typeface

Digital Concepts
Final Logo
Brand Assets

Concept 1

This is my simplest concept. The idea was to make it light and airy to go along with the visual concepts: friendly, hip, community, and young. 


Employee Name: Jaapokki

Info: Museo Sans 500

Concept 2

This is my photographic concept where I used a shot I took from my apartment. I wanted to show the beauty of Palms while still highlighting the logo and it’s brand qualities. 


Employee Name: Geomancy Extra Bold

Info: Aktiv Grotesk

Concept 3

For this concept, I used an illustrated outline of the Palms because I really like the shape of it and think it contributes nicely to the layout of the card. 


Employee Name: Abscender

Info: Antique Olive